Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of Faery Tale by Signe Pike

Do you believe in Fairies? Signe Pike does. Faery Tale is a memoir and travel book recounting Signe’s travels through Britain and Ireland looking for the magic which is everywhere in childhood but which in our modern era we as adults dismiss so easily. Signe examines the mythology and traditions of England, The Isle of Man, Ireland and Scotland and the stories which were fireside favourites not so long ago and she travels to the places associated in folklore with Fairies such as Glastonbury, Dun Aengus, Snaefell, The Fairy Bridge and many others. With a similar feel to the bestselling Eat, Pray Love this book focuses on both the inward and the physical journey. This is a beautiful book highlighting our need to reconnect with nature and the past. If you’re interested in folklore this is a must read.

I loved this book. Signe Pike is a really talented writer and her search for fairies and enchantment had me hooked from the beginning.

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  1. I am half way through reading this! Enjoying it so far! :) So enchanting! I met her this year at Faerie fest, wonderful book and wonderful in person!