Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of One Day by David Nicholls

I was looking forward to reading this book as so many people had recommended it me. However I was disappointed with some of the character development and with the ending. Despite that I think the writing was good and I really wanted to know what happened next. I can't help thinking that this book got the praise it did because it was written by a man, if it had been written by Alison Pearson or Marian Keyes it would have been dismissed as "chick-lit". I think Nicholls is neither more literary nor more talented than either of those popular authors and while the book is a light hearted and a romantic read it's not essential or life enhancing. It will undoubtedly make a good rom-com and I look forward to watching it. It doesn't make me want to rush out and buy more of this author's work and I don't imagine it will be on a school curriculum in the near future. If you enjoyed The time Traveller's Wife or Bridget Jones you may enjoy this.

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