Thursday, November 10, 2011

Earth Angels are Everywhere Are You One? By Dolores Keaveney Reviewed by Lisa Redmond

Earth Angels are Everywhere Are You One? is a beautiful little book which is so hard to categorise. It is a picture book for both adults and children and would make an ideal Christmas gift. The book features illustrations, poems and quotations which celebrate the people all around us in our everyday lives who through their work, their actions and their kindness become earth angels. With different poems  and illustrations for the various different earth angels such as teachers, nurses, doctors, carers, parents, counsellors and many more.  This gift book celebrates all those who bring joy into our lives through small acts of kindness. The message is a simple one; that we can be angels here on earth by just putting more thought into our everyday acts. The book is deeply spiritual but it speaks to people of all different faiths celebrating our humanity not highlighting difference. Dolores has illustrated the book herself and the subtle watercolour paintings in various soft and pastel shades are undoubtedly influenced by her training as a healer with each angel in a different shade representing a different energy.  I would recommend this book to young and old and it would make a lovely gift for a teacher, caregiver or any earth angel in you life.

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  1. Lisa,

    this seems a wonderful book as well as being germane to the recent event where the matter of spirituality was discussed. Real life escular angels!