Thursday, November 10, 2011

Titanic by Martin Jenkins and Brian Sanders Reviewed by Lisa Doyle-Redmond

The Titanic is an eternally fascinating topic for young and old alike and this book is a brilliant way to explore the famous ocean liner and its tragic first and only journey.
The book includes a host of information about the ship, those who travelled on it, how it was built and designed and a wealth of detail about the running of the great ocean liner. There is information about some of the passengers and crew, a replica ticket for the maiden voyage and a replica of one the first news stories about the tragedy from the New York Times. Other interesting additions include a restaurant menu and plans of each deck.
However the best thing about this book is the 75cm long pop up model of the Titanic which will provide hours of fun. This book is ideal for anyone with an interest in the Titanic from 7 to 97. It is currently out of print but due to be reprinted in time for the anniversary next April.

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