Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Break Detectives Casebook
By Alan Nolan

Alan Nolan has now written a number of graphic novels for children including the mysteries Death by Chocolate and Six Million Ways to Die and this latest is ideal for kids aged 7 and upwards. Alan has a great comic book drawing style and the story is told through the eyes of Little Tom who loves disguises and sweets. The detectives in question are Tom, his big sister Kate and their friend Danny. They solve mysteries in their lunch break which means they have only half an hour to catch the bad guys which they always do and get back to school in time for class. They have a secret hide out in the form of a disused storeroom in the school basement and they receive help from  Per-Cee the robot who is usually in a bad mood. This book is perfect for reluctant readers but would also appeal to fans of The Wimpy Kid books as it is great fun. (O’Brien Press €7.99)

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