Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good People
By Ewart Hutton

A strong new voice in crime fiction Ewart Hutton has written numerous plays and has created in D.S. Glyn Capaldi an unforgettable detective that readers are sure to warm to. Good People is set in the quiet heart of rural Wales in a community which distrusts outsiders and protects its own. The writing is witty and the tale is a dark and disturbing one. This book will appeal to those who have been wolfing down the current crop of dark Nordic thrillers and anyone who appreciates a smart sharp mystery with a sting in the tail. Capaldi has been sent to the countryside after a stupid mistake has almost cost him his job, now he has his second chance but as a half-Italian city cop he will always be an outsider to the community where he works. When a group of rugby fans steal a mini- bus and head off into the woods the local cops are quick to dismiss it as youthful hi-jinks but Capladi is suspicious and as he peels away the layers it seems that even a village of good people can have a dark and deadly underside. (Harper Collins)

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