Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taboo by Casey Hill

Taboo is a thrilling crime novel written as a collaboration between bestselling author Melissa Hill and her husband Kevin. This is the first outing for Reilly Steel a forensic investigator trained in Quantico but now relocated to Dublin to lend her expertise to the Irish crime lab and to watch over her father who has returned to his homeland but is slowing killing himself with drink. Reilly is a fantastic creation an intriguing personality; focused and calculating when she needs to be but without appearing cold. Reilly is plagued by memories of a family tragedy and she finds redemption in her duty and attention to detail. Also on hand to help Reilly with investigating a brutal killer is Dublin detective Chris Delaney a workaholic with personal troubles of his own. The plot is tightly woven and there is not a word out of place as the authors take readers on a thrill ride through the streets of Dublin and the mind of a serial killer. I look forward to many more cases for Reilly Steel and I imagine fans of Kathy Reichs will be just as eager as I am to read more. (Simon & Schuster €8.99)

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