Monday, March 26, 2012


by Kristin Cashore

I felt like I was waiting forever to read this book and I was lucky enough to get hold of a proof copy so I was able to read it two months before publication. There was so much riding on this book I had loved Graceling and Fire so much, would I be disappointed? I'm happy to say that I wasn't. Although I would have loved to read more about Katsa and Po this was very much Bitterblue's story. Kristin Cashore is a wonderfully talented writer who can create fantastic action sequences and also really explore a character's motivations through dialogue and interaction. Bitterblue is a poignant and subtle novel which charts the growth of girl into a Queen. Bitterblue is a character who always wants to know more, to ask questions and sometimes she opens up old wounds in those around her but she knows she cannot move forward until the past is understood. I really hope that Kristin Cashore continues to write about the beautiful world she has created in her Seven Kingdoms series. She has established herself as a writer of fantasy that is equal to all that has gone before, long may her reign continue.

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