Monday, June 25, 2012

Dreams by Daniela Sacerdoti

I was very excited and grateful to be sent a copy of Daniela's first novel for teens. I had read and adored Daniela's first book a novel for adults, a wonderful romantic story set in the Scottish highlands called Watch Over Me, it was one of the fiction highlights of 2011. So I had a certain amount of expectation with this novel and I wasn't disappointed. The book opens as Sarah's parents are lowered into the ground, all the certainties of her world have come crashing down. Sarah Midnight is a wonderful creation; frightened, vulnerable and very believable she is also the calm centre of the supernatural storm raging around her. With her parents dead she must continue their work as a demon hunter and come to terms with the fact that they have not trained her to survive the danger that this entails. While Sarah battles demons using the blackwater which she draws from the earth and channels to banish them, she must also wage nightly battles as her dreams offer guidance and foretell the dangers to come. It's no wonder she's tired and on top of that she has to go to school, practise her cello and she suffers from OCD. Her long lost cousin Harry arrives and becomes her protector but Sarah cannot be sure if she should trust him. She is tormented by strange and confusing dreams and as demons begin to attack her and Harry it seems there are many more secrets in the Midnight family which Sarah has yet to learn. Daniela Sacerdoti is a talented intelligent writer who creates great fully rounded characters. She avoids the clich├ęs of the YA paranormal genre and instead creates her own mythology and builds an utterly believable world in which her characters relationships feel genuine and warm. I loved reading this book, as the two young people come to depend on each other and  their relationship grows you cannot help rooting for them, of course this is the first of a trilogy so the book ends although the story does not and the twist at the end of this first instalment leaves the reader hungry for more.

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