Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spy for the Queen of Scots By Theresa Breslin

Spy for the Queen of Scots  By Theresa Breslin

Reviewed for We Love This Book

Theresa Breslin is a Carnegie Medal-winning author with a number of fantastic books for teens and younger readers to her credit, including a number of thrilling historicalnovels. This new book is no exception, engaging and intriguing it tells the story of the young Mary Queen of Scots through the eyes of her companion Jenny. Fiercely loyal to her Queen and oldest friend, Jenny is a wonderful narrator and through her Theresa Breslin brings alive some of the most interesting people in Early Modern History, making then utterly accessible; the strange prophet Nostradamus, the ruthless Catherine de Medici and the captivating Mary Queen of Scots. Jenny becomes a spy accidently when she overhears Catherine de Medici speak of poison and enemies and she determines to keep her ears open in order to protect her Queen. However this is a dark and dangerous time to be royal and the more Jenny learns of the betrayal, intrigue and murder which abound at the French and Scottish courts the more she puts herself in danger. Sometimes being loyal can involve great sacrifice. This is a wonderfully enthralling and page-turning read which fans of Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir and Victoria Lamb will lap up. Theresa Breslin sheds light on an eternally fascinating period in history revealing not only the splendour and politics of court but also the bloodthirsty savagery of war and rebellion. Magnificent.

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