Friday, August 10, 2012

The Road Back by Liz Harris

Patricia is a lonely child with cold parents; a domineering father and a weak mother and she craves love. Kalden is a restless young man, he has learned English from his missionary friends and fallen in love with books and music and he wants more but he is fated as a fourth son to join the monastery. When Patricia travels to Ladakh with her father to research his book she and Kalden meet and fall in love but society and their families are against the union, it is 1962 and when Patricia falls pregnant she is forced to give the baby away. 30 years later her daughter is seeking answers.  This is a really enjoyable page turner with a thrilling story.
A tale of love lost and found; of parents and children; of duty and responsibility and of the contrast between cultures and between past and present. A terrific debut.

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