Friday, August 10, 2012

The Silent Touch of Shadows by Christina Courtenay

Melissa explores other people's family history for her work as a genealogist, so she is delighted to have a chance to learn more about her own family when her Great Aunt invites her to stay at her ancestral home in Kent; Ashleigh Manor. Melissa is keen to learn why her grandmother became estranged from her sister while Dorothy is keen to put the past to rights. The Manor House seems to cast a spell over Melissa, especially when Great Aunt Dorothy; childless and now in her seventies invites Melissa and her daughter Jolie to come and live with her. Newly divorced and struggling to make ends meet Melissa eventually accepts. Soon she is haunted by dreams and visions of a mediaeval young woman who looks like her and a handsome and charming young knight, could the Manor be haunted and what do these restless spirits want?
In a nearby cottage widowed vet Jake is also having strange dreams and when the two finally meet their connection is instant. This is a wonderful new book from an Award winning author of historical fiction. Christina Courtenay brings history vividly to life with her writing and her tale is compelling and spellbinding. This is Romantic Fiction at its best. The characters are well rounded and interesting and the story deeply satisfying. This book is perfect for fans of time-slip fiction such as the novels of Barbara Erskine or Diana Gabaldon. I was lucky enough to be sent this novel to review from Choc Lit but once I finished it I went straight out and bought Christina's Trade Winds and Highland Storms as I adore her writing style. 

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