Monday, November 5, 2012

Dead Dogs

Dead Dogs
By Joe Murphy

A brilliant portrait of the casual cruelty of teenagers and the intense cruelty of one boy in particular; Dead Dogs is a fantastic examination of a young man’s spiral into madness. Joe Murphy is an acute observer of the social and emotional concerns of teens today, including a razor sharp dissection of “popular girl” Jenny
“You like to keep these two around you because they’re not as good-looking as you. You always want everyone to look just at you. If people aren’t looking at you, you disappear.” This is a dark novel which encapsulates some of the bleakness of growing up in post Celtic Tiger Ireland; the ghost estates, the drugs, crime and casual violence. With this novel Joe Murphy proves that he is versatile as well as talented. Last year he conquered historical fiction with 1798: Tomorrow the Barrow we’ll Cross and in Dead Dogs he takes on the psychological crime novel and proves that he is a name to watch in Irish writing. 
Joe is pictured above at the launch of Dead Dogs at Waterstones Drogheda.

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