Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tide by Daniela Sacerdoti

Tide is the second book in the Sarah Midnight trilogy and it is an enchanting and engrossing follow up to Dreams which was published last Spring. The book begins immediately after Sarah has been saved by Nicholas from Cathy and her demons, she has learned that Harry is really Sean that he has been impersonating her cousin. She is living alone as Christmas approaches having sent Harry/Sean away. Nicholas is a constant presence and whenever he is near Sarah feels foggy and tired, she is no longer dreaming in fact she is barely functioning. Sean is keeping watch over her and he finds Nicholas a threatening presence he does not believe he is who he says he is but Sarah won't listen.
Elodie arrives in Scotland and eventually so do Mike and Niall as a new danger threatens them all. Despite Sean's doubts they must unite. Sarah feels sure that they must travel to her ancestral home of Midnight Hall on Islay and it is here that they discover more of the history of the secret families. 
The romantic elements are as powerfully drawn as the action sequences and the characters are interesting and utterly human in their humour, their pain and their uncertainty . Sarah is  a wonderful heroine so real and believable. Her grief is still raw and manifests in  her obsessive cleaning habit which leaves her hands cracked and bleeding. She is also compulsive about her music and it is one of her few comforts. Although she has been toughened by her years of dreaming of demons and more recently hunting them she is none the less vulnerable and real. 
This series is a welcome change from the current trend for dystopian thrillers as Daniela has 
set her story very much in the present day and she seamlessly blends her own mythology with Scottish folklore.
Thanks for an enthralling read Daniela and thanks to Janne Moller of Black & White Publishing for sending me a copy to review.

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