Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some pics of the endless TBR pile.

 This shows some of the mess in the office where I write, read and review. I have since tidied up; a bit.


    Has been nominated to receive THE SUNSHINE AWARD
    The Sunshine Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. The recipients of the Sunshine Award are “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” The way the award works is this: thank the person who gave you the award, and link back to them. Then answer questions about yourself. Finally, select up to 10 of your favorite bloggers, link their blogs to your post, and let them know they have been awarded the Sunshine Award!

    I nominate the following 10 bloggers and their blogs to receive the Sunshine Award. Congratulations!

    1. The Madwoman in the Attic @
    2. Charlie Books @
    3. Historical Tapestry @
    4. Impressions In Ink @
    5. Let us Talk of Many Things; of Books and Queens and Pirates, of History and Kings @
    6. Litlequeen Rules @
    7. Novel PASTimes @
    8. Reading the Past @
    9. SarahsHistory Blog@
    10. Mindful Mundanes @

  2. Replies
    1. Carole thank you so much I didn't see this until now I'm such an idiot and you sent it on St Patrick's day too, how appropriate. I shall have to have a think about who to list as my top ten, it's so hard to choose.