Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Books of the Month for Mumstown

I got a great response here and on twitter to my choices for March and today I have chosen the April books so I do hope people will read along with me. You can comment here or contact me on twitter or facebook or you can of course comment on the books thread on

April Book of the Month for Adults is From this Moment On by Collette Caddle
Collette is a bestselling author who creates vivid characters and believable stories. In this novel she deals with the very powerful topic of bullying in the workplace. If you want to get your hands on this book it is currently on the 1/3 off offer in Eason, it is also available in other bookshops nationwide. It is published by Simon & Schuster UK and generally retails at approx €17.

April Book of the Month for Children is The Ark of Dun Ruadh by Maria Burke, it is published by Currach Press it is a fantasy adventure for kids aged approx nine and upwards. It is available in bookshops nationwide and is a first novel for the Cork author. The book features brother and sister Simon and Kerry so it will appeal to both boys and girls. It retails at approx €12.99 and an e book is also available. If you or your children have read this book feel free to leave comments here.


  1. Big fan of Colette so will def be checking this out at sometime soon. Its a great idea for a plot, so many will identify having encountered it at some stage in their life.

  2. very interesting blog

    xxx Zari