Monday, May 6, 2013

How To Fall by Jane Casey

How to Fall is Jane Casey's first novel for young adults, she is already an established crime writer with four novels for adults under her belt and another on the way later this year. How to Fall is the first in a new series of mystery thrillers staring Jess Tennant. The teen crime novel is a growing genre with Elizabeth George, John Grisham, Kathy Reichs and Harlan Coben all getting in on the act. However my first taste of the genre was The Angel Kiss series by Laura Jane Cassidy and aside from both authors sharing a nationality there are a number of similarities to be drawn between the two series; both feature a new girl in town, both feature a potential love interest and both feature some suspicious behaviour from the grownups. I think Jane Casey's novel will undoubtedly appeal to teen readers, in particular fans of Laura Jane Cassidy with its bang on detail about bullying and peer pressure and the air of menace which pervades an otherwise dull small town. I see no reason why the novel wouldn't similarly appeal to those who simply enjoy an intriguing mystery. The plot revolves around the tragic death of Freya. Although Jess and Freya were cousins they never met as their mothers had fallen out when Molly had married Jess's father, now divorced Molly has returned to her home town for the summer hoping to mend bridges and with her teen daughter in tow. Jess draws a lot of interest as she is a dead ringer for Freya and as she meets her family and those who knew Freya, Jess begins to ask questions about her cousin's death. Questions that make some people feel uncomfortable.
How to Fall is out now in paperback published by Corgi


  1. Sounds good, will have to check this one out. I like the mix of YA and mystery.

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

  2. It's a good one Trish and she's an Irish author too which is great