Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Adventures of Jenny , Sylvester and their Six Little Chicks and Meet the Fairies in my Backyard written and illustrated by Dolores Keaveney

I have previously reviewed Dolores Keaveney's Earth Angels which is a wonderful blend of poetry, art and spirituality but what Dolores is best known for are her delightful and wonderfully colourful picture books for children. So far Dolores has produced seven books If I Were a Bee, Beelicious A first cookery book for children, Earth Angels and Jenny the Little Brown Hen which has also been produced in Irish as Jenny an Chearc Bheag Dhonn as well as the two new books The Adventures of Jenny continue now that she and Sylvester have a family of their own. One day they leave the hen run to explore but as Jenny and Sylvester and the chicks enjoy their freedom they don't realise the danger they are in. A great story for small children with an important message about road safety. Meet the Fairies in my Backyard is a fantastic introduction for young children to nature and the different types of plants and flowers they can find in their back garden as well as the magical fairies who live among the grass and trees and flowers. A gorgeously illustrated book with great rhyming text will make this a great bedtime favourite and I suspect a great book for grandparents to share with budding gardeners. You can find out more about Dolores and her books and artwork from her website and the books can be bought through the website or from Eason stores nationwide.


  1. Thank you so much for both wonderful reviews Lisa

  2. Thanks for your super fast reply I have also shared the reviews on mumstown.ie where I am the Book expert and I have made these two books my top choices for Kids Book of the Month for May. I can't send you a link as you have to be logged in to see posts on mumstown you can join the site at http://www.mumstown.ie/ and then check the Entertainment and Books section to see the reviews.