Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Salmon of Knowledge

The Salmon of Knowledge is part of Poolbeg's new series for younger children; Ireland's Best Known Stories In A Nutshell illustrated by Derry Dillon and adapted by Ann Carroll. These books are ideal to read aloud at bedtime and make great first readers for the seven plus age group. My son really enjoyed this introduction to a traditional tale which is re-told here in lively detail. If you are not familiar with this tale it features a young Fionn Mac Cumhaill who studies with the wise teacher Finnegas by the banks of the Boyne. Finnegas has searched for the salmon of knowledge for many years for whoever has the first taste of this magical fish will gain all the wisdom in the world. Find out how Fionn learns all that he needs to know to become the great and wise leader of the Fianna. There are six books in the series so far the others are How Cu CĂșchulainn Got His Name, The Children of Lir, The Story of Newgrange, The Story of the Giant's Causeway and The Story of St Patrick. The make an ideal gift and are available from all good bookshops at just €4.99

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