Friday, June 7, 2013

In the Postbox

I'll hopefully be giving the post man a spring in his step over the coming months because as I am now closed to new requests I'll be getting a lot less book post but before I closet myself away to read all my lovely books here is a sneak peak at some of the books I'll be reading this summer, which have recently arrived.

I was lucky enough to win two competitions recently with Two Roads Books who publish Z and Hodder who publish My Life in Black and White, both books came today and both look gorgeous and fascinating.

I have also received more review copies and only after taking these photos I realised I hadn't included everything. 

This pic includes a good mixture of the books I have received with Historical Fiction  such as My Notorious Life by Madame X and Fantasy such as The Bone Season but also some of the kids books I will be reviewing for my other blog including The Rithmatist and The Oathbreaker's Shadow. I have forgotten to include some more prizes I won recently which I hope to review at some point Carsten Jensen's We The Drowned, Peter Adolphsen's Machine, Going Back by Rachael English. I have also received a review copy of a historical crime novel which I'm very excited about Irregulars by Kevin McCarthy 

Finally here is the rest of the book  post I have received since I last did an update like this so this pile includes some of my current  and very recent reads, also some I sneakily bought and borrowed even though I don't really need any more books, but I guess when it comes to books I am a walkover.

Let me know if you are reading any of the same books I am. Thanks for following and happy reading.


  1. Sorry to say I don't have any of those books you have, but I envy you having such a large TBR pile handy! I see the title The Bone Season, and that is one I have on my wish list. Have you read it yet? Just wondering how it is. Good luck with all those.

  2. Hi Rita, thanks for commenting. I haven't read The Bone Season yet I can't wait to start it.