Friday, June 7, 2013

Some News

I have been quiet lately and that's for a number of reasons. I am working on a novel, reviewing for and and very involved with my book club which meets fortnightly and my writing group The Saltwater Scribblers which meets weekly. I also have a home, a family and a part time job so I keep quite busy. I have been promising some changes to the blog for a while now and one of those changes is that I will no longer be accepting kids books for review on The Madwoman in the Attic. This blog will in future be dedicated solely to historical fiction and non-fiction, gothic, mystery, classics and fantasy with the occasional crime and contemporary novel thrown into the mix. But what about the children's books you ask? Well I have started a new venture with my two lovely friends Lisa C and Mara who are also involved with The Saltwater Scribblers and we have just begun our blogging journey at This will be a regular blog about writing, kids books, education, media and other things that interest and or anger us. I already have a huge pile of books to review for the new blog check it out.

I will be kept pretty busy as the resident Historical Fiction, ghosts, paranormal and parenting expert.  But don't worry I won't be abandoning this blog. I will be writing posts about my writing process and reviewing plenty of books over the summer. However due to the unprecedented number of books I have received for review for which I am very grateful; (I will uplaod pics of my book post soon.) I am closing to new requests until at least the end of the summer. I will be trying to avoid facebook and twitter and may therefore be a bit behind the times in books news but I simply have to get through the stacks of book so many kind authors and publishers have sent my way. I will also be doing some giveaways to pass on duplicates and books which I simply won't have the time to read or which don't fit with the character of the blog.
Thanks so much for your support and happy reading.

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