Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dolls' Hospital Diaries

The Dolls' Hospital is a Dublin landmark recently saved from closure and now established in new premises at The Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. Many people don't realise the long history and truly fascinating stories that are associated with the store. This short and beautifully illustrated book is the perfect present for any doll enthusiast young or old. The History Press have put together a wonderful collection of stories and pictures giving an insight into the history of toys and the craft of doll and teddy bear making. The first Dolls' Hospital was established by Tommy and Freda Noyek in 1938 at a premises in Mary Street and after it closed in 1977 it was seven years before a new Dolls' Hospital was opened in 1984 by Chris and Melissa Nolan at South Great George's Street, it moved to the new premises in March 2012 and now also incorporates a Museum of Childhood. Some of the stories is this book will break your heart; tales of teddy bears destroyed by parents who wanted to replace a worn out old favourite or who felt that it was time for their child to grow up. Some of the stories will surprise you; Gertie Kiersey born in 1914 was asleep in her cot during the 1916 rising when a stray bullet entered the window and hit her mother's cherished French doll which fell off the shelf the doll was not damaged and Gertie wasn't hurt, now aged 99 she remains a customer of The Dolls' Hospital and still has her doll. The Dolls' Hospital and Museum is well worth a visit and this book provides the perfect guide. Perfect for Doll and Teddy Bear fans aged 9 to 90. 
Thanks so much to the History Press for sending me a copy of this book for review

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