Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the Postbox

I have received some great new fiction to review to add to the teetering TBR pile I already have. This has led  me to do a bit of a clear out so I have given some books (Not review copies) away, I hope to do a blog giveaway soon. I simply won't be able to review all the books I have been sent in time for their release dates. In fact I have books that were released in April, May and June still to review so I apologise for my slowness. Instead I will be doing a round up of summer reads and the best of this years books so far, which will have to be enough for now and I will just continue to keep making my way through the many many books I have awaiting review. In fact I may even ask some guest reviewers to make a contribution, so let me know if you would be interested in doing that.

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