Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke

The Sea Sisters is a debut novel from writer Lucy Clarke. Lucy travels regularly, her husband is a professional windsurfer and she is passionate about keeping a diary wherever she goes. Using her travel diaries as inspiration she has crafted a beautiful novel of two sisters who struggle to understand each other. Kate is the organised and sensible sister and while she tries to find space in her life for messy and chaotic Mia it sometimes can get a bit much so when Mia announces that she is going travelling, Kate feels as much relief as she does worry. However just a short while later Kate receives the devastating news that Mia is dead and it appears to be suicide. Just as in the last book I reviewed where a daughter reads her mother's diaries to understand her, here it is Kate who must use her sister Mia's travel journal to piece together the puzzle of her sister's final weeks. Kate retraces Mia's steps to the final tragic place where she has been told that her sister committed suicide. As she travels Kate learns more about the heartache Mia suffered from and just how strong and how complicated her sister really was. 
This is an assured piece of storytelling, a family drama, a romance and a mystery. It will appeal to fans of Gone Girl and The Secrets of the Tides.

Thanks a million to Harper Fiction who sent me an early reading copy of this book and sent out a bundle of copies for my book club, the majority of whom really enjoyed it.

The Sea Sisters is out now from Harper in paperback and e-book.

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