Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Holiday Reading Part Two Historical Fiction

I apologise for the dealy in posting this up but I was surprise, surprise on holidays and doing lots of reading. Here is my round up of the best Historical Fiction which has been recently published but I have not yet gotten a chance to review. Do let me know if there is anything you would recommend from the list.

Out Now in Paperback 

A Dangerous Inheritance- Alison Weir (Tudor era)
Citadel- Kate Mosse (WW2 France)
Merivel -Rose Tremain (Restoration England)
The Secret Keeper- Kate Morton (1960s England)
Ratlines- Stuart Neville (WW2 Germany 1960s Ireland)
Beautiful Ruins- Jess Walter (1960s Italy)
The Daughters of Mars- Thomas Keneally (WW1)
Tigers in Red Weather- Liza Klausman (WW2 and after)
The Pleasures of Men- Kate Williams (Victorian) 
The Girl in Berlin- Elizabeth Wilson (1950s Britain and Germany)
My Life in Black and White- Kim Izzo (Contemporary and 1950s)
Mistress of the Sea- Jenny Barden (Sixteenth Century)
The Memory of Lost Senses- Judith Kinghorn (early 20th century)
Park Lane- Frances Osborne (early twentieth century)
Abdication- Juliet Nicolson (1930s)
The Knot- Jane Borodale (sixteenth century)
The Painter's Apprentice- Charlotte Betts (seventeenth century)
Summer of 76- Isabel Ashdown (1976 as you might expect ;)
Habits of the House- Fay Weldon (late Victorian)
Midnight in St Petersburg- Vanorra Bennett (Russia early 20th century)


Z A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald- Therese Anne Fowler (1920s)
Dodger James Benmore (Victorian London)
My Notorious Life by Madame X- Kate Manning (19th Century New York)
The Paris Winter- Imogen Robertson (19th Century Paris)
Fever- Mary Beth Keane (19th Century New York)
The Summer Queen- Elizabeth Chadwick (12th Century England and France)
Rome The Art of War- M. C. Scott (Rome A. D. 69)
The White Princess- Philippa Gregory (Cousins War book 5)


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