Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Holiday Reads Part Three Contemporary/Crime/Thriller and everything else

Last one some contemporary reads


Dying Fall- Elly Griffiths
Reconstructing Amelia- Kimberley McCreight
Love is the Easy Bit- Mary Grehan
How to be a Good Wife- Emma Chapman
Penelope- Rebecca Harrington
The Shining Girls- Lauren Beukes
The Sea Change- Joanna Rossiter
The Sea Sisters- Lucy Clarke
Alex- Pierre Lemaitre

Hardbacks and Trade Paperbacks

The Incredible Life of Jonathan Doe- Carol Coffey
My Father's House- Bethany Dawson
The Second Life of Amy Archer- RS Pateman
Dot- Araminta Hall
An Englishwoman in New York- Anne-Marie Casey
The Doll's House- Louise Phillips

Non Fiction

Possessed by The Devil- Andrew Sneddon ( The History of the Islandmagee Witches)
Flappers- Judith Macrell (Six extraordinary women of The Jazz Age)

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