Friday, August 30, 2013

In which I get distracted and forget my camera

I have spent most of the past month on a holiday of sorts, I say of sorts because as a mum for nearly fourteen years now I know well that there are no holidays. My self the hubby and the three kids have been galavanting about the countryside and the city visiting museums, galleries and historical sites. We spent a long time looking at this famous Renoir Painting Les Parapluies

which is part of a group of impressionist paintings shared between The National Gallery in London and the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin. It recently returned to the Hugh Lane and will be on display for the next six years. Do go and have a look, the gallery is fascinating and there is no admission charge. 

My eldest daughter Chlรถe and I also visited Newgrange and Knowth in The Boyne Valley. Visiting the monuments requires two separate tours from the centre but I urge everyone to see both as Knowth is if anything even more fascinating than the more famous Newgrange, both pictures below are of Knowth. (Images borrowed from wikimedia and goireland)

I brought both my daughters along to Kilruddery House in Bray, the eldest and I and my Mum are frequent visitors but it was Emily's first visit there. We climbed through the woods up a steep incline and stepping out on to a rocky ledge we had a stunning view back across the lawns towards the house and the hills beyond. However as you may have gathered from the title of this post I forgot to bring a camera. You can find out more about Kilruddery on their website here. In the meantime enjoy these pictures. Courtesy of, antorra.coma and

Kilruddery hosts numerous events, concerts and markets throughout the year and you can take a guided tour through the house; not all of it though it is still home to the fifteenth Earl and Countess of Meath, their son and daughter in law and young family. It is very family friendly and it is a working farm, you can even buy the produce. The house and gardens date back to the Seventeenth Century although the house was significantly remodelled  in the 1820s. It is well worth a visit and in fact you have probably seen it before, due to the estate's proximity to Ardmore Studios in Bray it is a popular location for filming and was used in productions such as My Left Foot, The Count of Monte Christo , The Tudors and Camelot. I feel a personal connection to the place as my grandfather worked for the previous Earl and his family for a number of years. 

I have been trying to catch up on some reading during my holiday time however finding time to blog and write while the kids are off school is a nightmare. I hope to have some new reviews soon though.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful summer !!

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  3. It was great but I feel like I have massive backlog of reading, reviewing and writing to do