Monday, October 7, 2013

October is small publisher month

Throughout the rest of October I will be reading and reviewing books; both print and e-books which are published by smaller independent publishing houses and self published by the author.

Some of the titles up for review are
Inceptio by Alison Morton published by SilverWood Books

A Rip in the Veil by Anna Belfrage published by Matador

The Blackheath Séance Parlour by Alan Williams published by Cutting Edge Press

Some other titles I hope to review include Shadows of the Past by Carmen Stefanescu
The Call of Agon by Dean F Wilson and 
A Man Against a Background of Flames by Paul Hoggart.


  1. This is a really great idea. I know a lot of people don't rate self-published books and small publishers but I love them. I like to give everyone a chance :) I may end up joining you on this, I'll have to raid my shelves!

  2. Thanks Ellie, If life wasn't so hectic I would have more time to do things like this, but as it is; cat and kid wrangling, working overtime and prepping for NaNaWriMo, it might be November before reviews start to appear.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I'm Carmen the author of Shadows of the Past. I was on the verge of sending an email but visiting your page I see that my book is in your plans. I am so happy!
    I am not rushing you. At all.
    I was in hospital for almost the whole October. I had no idea when the ambulance took me from home and I closed the gate, that I had the highest chances to never return alive. It seems that God, the universe, whatever governs our lives decided I still have unfinished things on earth.

    Thank you for your time!
    Best regards from Dracula's country,


    1. Carmen so sorry to hear you have been ill. I will contact you as soon as a review goes up. I have been busy but I haven't forgotten you.