The Hurlyburly's Husband

The Hurlyburly’s Husband is at once a glorious bawdy comic romp of aristocratic foppery and folly at the court of the Sun King and a poignant portrait of a man desperate to save the love of his life from depravity. The Marquis de Montespan is a man very much in love with his beautiful wife but with lack of money a constant problem for a couple who enjoy partying, drinking and gaming, an opportunity for Athenais to become a lady in waiting to the Queen seems heaven sent. However when she catches the eye of the King and becomes his mistress Montespan is broken hearted even holding a mock funeral for his lost love. He cuts a tragic figure amongst the other nobles who laugh at his genuine feeling and mock him but when he threatens the King, Montespan is made an outcast. This is a glorious retelling of genuine historic events at the French court in which a quixotic figure is restored to the role of hero of his own tale.

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