Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shadows of the past by Carmen Stefanescu

Shadows of the Past is a book that straddles a number of genres. It is romance, time-slip, paranormal and magical. Telling the story of Anne and Neil in present day England who are trying to heal the rifts of the past with a romantic country weekend away and of Genevieve and Andrew in medieval England. I found the story easy to read and I wanted to know what happened next to the characters. I will admit however that I enjoyed the historical plot line a lot more and found Genevieve's tale more compelling and better developed. Genevieve grows up as an apprentice to a wise woman, a country hedgewitch with knowledge of herbs and their magical and healing properties. Left alone when her guardian dies she eventually becomes a nun and it is at the convent that she finds both great evil and great love. There were a number of historical inaccuracies that niggled such as the use of modern names for things although this may have been a problem with translation or editing rather than the author. I was a little dissapointed that the story was not set in the author's native Transylvania however the story was well written and dramatic and will appeal to fans of time slip or paranormal romance. You can find out more about the author on her blog

This book is available as an e-book from Wild Child Publishing. Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy.

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