Monday, March 10, 2014

My Favourite Blogs and why you need to follow them too

Firstly as it's Monday you might be feeling tired; I know I am, weekends are not relaxing for me they are my busiest time as I work Saturdays and occasionally Sundays and Sunday is my day for catching up on reading, writing, blogging and housework. Hence I often post blogs late on Sunday evenings as I did last night. So beginning another week I have a lot on my plate with a house that never seems to get clean, a TBR pile that keeps on growing and the looming deadlines of reviews, interviews and blog tours, as well as the ever looming ideas, notes and research for my novel stacked up on my desk. However I am not complaining I would rather be busy than bored. One of the best things about blogging is the relationships you develop with other bloggers. I am lucky enough to have some blogging friends in real life and I can connect with them on and offline. There are my colleagues in Waterstones Lisa C and Mara who blog with me about Children's Books at my wonderful friend Mags who has guest reviewed for me many times and blogs at another member of my bookclub blogs about books craft and family life at and my NaNoWriMo ML Grace lives nearby and blogs at and there are lot's of other bloggers whom I have never met but I have connected with through this blog, twitter and facebook including; Steph a writer, reader and feminist. They lovely Carole from Canada who is my long lost book twin. Lovely Irish writers Laura Cassidy, Niamh Boyce and Kate Dempsey and some great fun and informative blogs too Mary Esther Judy at is a fellow bookseller, blogger and Children's Book Lover. One day we will meet up I hope. The wonderful writer Essie Fox runs which is a feast of Victorian books, facts and photos. A great writer to follow for writing tips and just because she is fun and incredibly hard working and her books are brilliant, is Another blogging bookseller is Jen who has written Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops which is hilarious and which features our own Mara and some funny incidents in our bookshop.
Great books news, updates and reviews can be gleaned from The Guardian and The Telegraph book blogs and I am a huge fan of The History Girls which features a whole host of women who write historical fiction for children and adults and many of my favourite authors are among them. There are a number of other wonderful blogs I follow just click through on the side bar on the left. Here is some music to listen to while you browse.

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