Friday, March 28, 2014

The Midnight Rose

Lucinda Riley's newest novel is also her most ambitious an epic saga which spans continents and the century. This is a dual timeline story which regular readers of this blog will know is a favourite device of mine. 

1911; Born with the Twentieth century Anahita Chavan is a distant and penniless cousin of Indian royalty so when she is offered the chance to became a companion to the headstrong Princess Indira she grasps at it. She has the opportunity not only to be part of a life of wealth and privilege but also a wonderful education. After a couple of years of running wild at Indira's father's palace the two girls are sent to an English boarding school and although they were supposed to return for the summer the war changes everyone's plans. As Indira grows distant Anahita meets and secretly falls in love with Donald Astbury heir to the beautiful Astbury Hall.

2011; Young American actress Rebecca Bradley arrives at Astbury Hall to film her latest role as a 1920s debutante. She is intrigued my the mysterious owner Lord Astbury and an unexpected visitor to the hall an Indian businessman Ari Malik who wants to learn more about his great-grandmother Anahita's life in England. Together Rebecca and Ari discover some of the secrets at the heart of this once glorious home.
This is a real page turner, the kind of book that hooks you and won't let you go. Perfect for fans of Rachel Hore and Kate Morton. 
I can't wait to read Lucinda's The Girl on the Cliff which is also in my TBR pile. 

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