The Secrets of Ghosts by Sarah Painter

The Secret of Ghosts is the follow up to The Language of Spells which I reviewed last year check out my review by clicking this link and regular followers may remember that I loved Sarah's deft plotting and clever characterisation. She doesn't disappoint with her new novel which is a kind of sequel although it is written from the point of view of Gwen's niece Katie who is now 21 and training with her aunt to develop her own magical skills. Katie worries that she doesn't have the magical gift of the other Harper women until she discovers a unique ability that her aunt cannot understand. Gwen worries that she has adversely affected Katie by bringing death into her life. (I won't go into detail here as that would spoil the plot of the first book) and seeks the advice of a woman from another magical family. Gwen also has troubles of her own as she is desperate to start a family with Cam but after seven years together there is a no sign of a baby. I enjoyed this book as it focused on Katie's life and revealed more about the town and the history of Pendleford and it was a joy to re-visit this magical Wiltshire village (even if it is fictional). While this story could be read as a stand alone novel I would recommend reading The Language of Spells first to understand the background to Gwen and Katie's story. These books are perfect for fans of Sarah Addison Allen or Mary Stewart. This book is available for download now from Carina.