Wednesday, April 9, 2014


This is the first book by Isabel Wolff that I have read and what an introduction. This book blew me away, it is a fantastic sweeping saga of family, war, friendship and love. Jenni is a ghostwriter, her job is to tell other people's stories and she is happy with that. However she is haunted by a tragic event in her past that she has told no-one about. When she is invited to a small village in Cornwall to write the story of a friend's mother, she jumps at the chance especially when she discovers that Klara has led a fascinating life having grown up as a Dutch ex-pat on Java and been in a Japanese POW camp. When Jenni learns that Klara lives in the pretty seaside village of Polvarth she is conflicted because it was here that the tragic accident took place during her childhood. Jenni decides that it's time to face her demons and as Klara tells her story together they put the past to rest. This is my favourite kind of book; two storylines in different decades and two strong female characters creating the perfect blend of readability and emotional resonance. If you want a light throwaway holiday read this is not it, but if you like a book with depth and heart that will linger in the mind long after you turn the last page I highly recommend it. The style reminds me of Rachel Hore so it's no surprise that she has already given it the seal of approval calling it "Wonderful, tender and compelling" Thanks to Ben Hurd at Harper Collins for a review copy.

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