Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Half Bad by Sally Green

Half Bad is an astounding read; tough, gritty and incredibly violent it is nonetheless a compelling and breathtaking read. A YA Fantasy set in contemporary Britain but revealing a hidden world where White and Black Witches battle for control. Nathan is an unknown quantity as he is the only known half white- half black witch. The book is presented in an intriguing style as the main character Nathan switches between between first person narrative in which he tells us his back story and second person narrative in which his current brutal imprisonment is recounted. The book opens with Nathan in a cage and the jarring second person narrative which gives us an insight into Nathan's head as he tries to distance himself from the violence he is subjected to. This book is not for the faint heated but the scenes in which we see Nathan with his brother and the girl he loves allow room for some character development and hint at what might be to come in the next two instalments of the trilogy. Action packed and full of drama this will be perfect for fans of Patrick Ness, Kit Berry and Moira Young.

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