Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Crack in Everything by Ruth Frances Long

I was very excited when I heard that Ruth was publishing a YA Fantasy title with O'Brien Press and not just one book but a trilogy. I loved Ruth's previous YA book The Treachery of Beautiful Things which was based on English folktale and myth and this book does not disappoint as it too blends myth and fantasy. This time it is the Sídhe who take centre stage and Angels are also a major force as the front cover hints (just a little). I have been reading this book on holidays and tweeted Ruth a picture of my daughter sneaking a peek on Dublin bus. I had the book in (and out of ) my bag as I travelled all over Dublin on my holidays which was cool as the book is set in Dublin and Dubh Linn the Sídhe city which overlaps and intertwines our own. Somehow Izzy finds herself on an ordinary summer afternoon in Dublin pushed into the Sídhe world and rescued by a silver studded and incredibly attractive Cu Sídhe called Jinx. When Izzy realises that she's been followed home by strange creeping shadows and that she has a strange mark on her neck she knows that something is not right so she turns to Jinx for answers. However instead of answers she ends up dragging her friends into the Sídhe world and all kinds of mythical creatures chasing after her. As the truth of what the mark on her neck means is revealed Izzy and Jinx find themselves in a race across Dublin and Dubh Linn and against time and although they should be mortal enemies it seems life and love have other plans. This is a smart, modern and entertaining read which will appeal to Fantasy fans young and old. Perfect for fans of Celine Kiernan, Katherine Farmar, Kate Thompson and Orla Melling. I can't wait for the next installment. Thanks to Geraldine at O'Brien for a review copy. This book is published on 1st September and will be launched at the Gutter Bookshop on 4th September.

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