Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Prince Lestat sees the triumphant return of everyone’s favourite vampire rock star and the triumphant return of the queen of the gothic romance Anne Rice. Written in Rice’s unmistakeable and inimitable baroque style the story travels across the globe as a new threat rises for the children of the blood. They are once again increasing in number but with so many new and untaught fledglings threatening to expose and weaken the vampire world, the old ones are roused but so too is a mysterious Voice which seems able to control and manipulate even the most powerful of vampires commanding them to destroy the many fledglings that proliferate in cities from Mumbai to San Francisco. As these massacres take place many of the blood drinkers call out to unite, seeking as leader the rebel Prince; Lestat but will he heed the call.? This book brings together the stories of many of the characters from earlier Vampire chronicles including Armand, Louis and Marius helping to fill in the gaps since we last saw them, as well as introducing a host of newer characters. If your only experience of vampire fiction is Twilight then this will be a revelation and while I would recommend reading the previous chronicles if only to savour the decadence of Rice’s wonderful writing this book could be read as a standalone novel.

Available now in hardback and e-book from Chatto & Windus to whom I am grateful for a review copy.

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