Saturday, April 4, 2015

Half Wild by Sally Green

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Half Wild continues the story of Nathan who we first encountered in Green’s outstanding debut Half Bad. With the first book ending on a cliffhanger this one opens precisely where Half Bad ended. Nathan is now 17; he has met his father and received his gift. Nathan is alone at first, his father having abandoned him once again. Gabriel is missing, presumed dead, and Mercury has disappeared taking Annalise who is under a sleeping spell. Nathan is not alone for long though as he finds himself making some unlikely alliances and meeting up with friends and enemies old and new. 

Green has excelled herself in this second outing creating a tale as dark and gritty and compelling as her previous novel that manages nonetheless to be shot through with hope, kindness and friendship. This is the kind of novel that transcends genre and deservedly so. This is a work of powerful fiction that is classified as YA but which anyone with a passion for fantasy, adventure or just good storytelling will appreciate. 

Nathan is a brilliant character; conflicted and struggling with his identity, unsure about his loyalties and desperate to keep his friends, his family and the girl he loves safe while also developing into a ruthless warrior and a powerful witch. I recommend this book to fans of Patrick Ness, Kit Berry and David Almond. Sally Green is certainly one to watch.

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