Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blogging Resolutions

In recent months, in fact for almost a year now I have been a rather hit and miss blogger. Mostly miss. I have to be honest and admit that for a long time I lost my blogging mojo. I was still reading a lot and still pressing my favourite books both old and new on friends, family, book club and of course customers. However I just didn't feel like coming home and reviewing and tweeting and generally shouting about books on the internet in the way that I may have been doing in the past. There were a few reasons for this. Firstly I felt under a great deal of pressure having taken on many many many titles to review, more than I could comfortably handle, and also too many outside of the genres that I love above all. I started to feel I was losing the purpose of my blog. I wanted to talk about the types of books that I enjoyed and I was so caught up in taking part in blog tours and talking about the same books as every other blog that there was nothing to distinguish my blog from all the others. This is not to criticise anyone else. I also suffered from lack of time, energy, and a laptop that had seen better days. The biggest reason though that I haven't been blogging as much is because I have felt a major shift in my focus from being a reader to being a writer. Not that I have quit reading I just have been trying to get into the habit of putting writing first.
Because of this I have started some blogging and reading resolutions, the first of which I will tell you about now, the rest in a later post. The first resolution is a monthly TBR, that is at the start of each month I choose a minimum of 6 books for my reading list, to include at least two books for review, one from a series that I am reading and the book club books for the month. March's TBR is above. I will let you know my thoughts as I work my way through them.

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