Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Shadow Keeper by Abi Elphinstone

The Shadow Keeper is the follow up to Abi Elphinstone's wonderful debut novel The Dreamsnatcher which I reviewed for WeLoveThisBook last year, see my review here The second instalment sees Moll and her Gypsy family transplanted from the forest to the sea and introduces new dangers, a new landscape and a host of new thrills with the addition of kelpies, sea caves, mer ghosts and marsh spirits. The tone is still dark and thrilling aimed at the older middle grade and younger teen audience and there is much to enjoy with a page turning narrative and a loyal group of friends each brave and strong in their own way. Magic is a major element of the story once again as Moll must continue in her quest to defeat the dark magic of the Shadowmasks and fulfill the prophecy and although I thought The Dreamsnatcher was fast paced and thrilling in this instalment Abi manages to ramp up the tension even more. The imagination and pure writing skill displayed in this book is top notch and if anything even better than the previous volume. One caveat I would add is that you will need to read The Dreamsnatcher first as the action begins almost immediately where it left off, but the reader is in for a truly wild ride and a page turning adventure. I cannot wait for the final instalment in Moll's story next year. I would recommend these books especially to fans of Michelle Paver, Emma Carroll, Katherine Rundell and ER Murray's The Book of Learning.  This book is available from Simon & Schuster in paperback and I would like to thank the author for sending me an early copy. (Apologies for the delay in getting this review out there. )

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