Friday, April 8, 2016

Dreamland by Robert L Anderson

Dea and her Mom have lived an erratic life, moving from place to place, a new school every year, only one step ahead of their debts. Dea has never really had the chance to make friends; until now, living in the town of Fielding she meets Eleanor whom everyone calls Gollum but not even with her best friend can Dea reveal her secret. Ever since she was six she has walked through people’s dreams. Her Mom does it too, and she teaches her the rules; never interfere, never be seen and never walk the same person’s dreams twice. Until this year Dea has followed the rules but when a new boy moves into her neighbourhood Dea is intrigued he wants to be friends with the town’s two outcasts and when she walks through his dreams she realises he has dark secrets about his past that are buried deep. Soon Dea is breaking every rule and when her Mom wants to leave town Dea knows that she can’t leave her friends. She wants to help Connor confront his past and learn more about her own. This is an atmospheric and riveting debut with huge crossover appeal. The characters are empathetic and well written and the twists and turns are completely unexpected. Perfect for fans of Daughter and Smoke and Bone.

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