Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wild Wood by Posie Graeme-Evans

Another Australia author. One I have a bit of a soft spot for because she is such a beautiful writer and she writes my favourite kind of book; time-slip. Just like The Island House Wild Wood features an Aussie heroine exploring her British heritage. This book however is set not on a Scottish island but on the Scottish border. The modern story actually takes place in the early 1980s with Jesse Marley having just discovered that she is adopted she sets out to learn more about her birth family. Arriving in London she has an accident and finds herself in hospital unable to speak. She is treated by a neurologist Rory who encourages Jesse to draw and she begins to draw faces of people she has never met and a castle she has never seen. However the castle is quite real in fact Rory knows it very well because he grew up there. Rory takes her to see the castle and to try and understand what is happening to Jesse and what her connection to Hundredfields really is. Weaving between Jesse's chapters we get the tale of Hundredfields itself and the intriguing mystery that has been handed down through the generations. This is an intriguing tale of history, mystery, family and secrets that fans of Susanna Kearsley, Diana Gabaldon and Rosemary Goring will adore. 

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