Tuesday, August 9, 2016

River Road by Carol Goodman

Carol Goodman is one of my favourite authors. She is a literary chameleon capable of writing gothic chillers, YA fantasy, romance and gripping crime. This book will not disappoint avid fans but will also appeal to those who have never read her before. River Road is a psychological crime thriller about a small town college professor Nan Lewis who is driving home in a snowstorm when she feels something hit her car. She convinces herself that it was just a deer but then she finds out that a brilliant student of hers, Leia Dawson has been knocked down and killed in a hit and run accident and she was found on River Road, just where Nan hit a deer or did she?
Goodman slowly reveals the secrets of Nan, Leia and the various other people in the cast of fascinating characters in this twisty, page turning novel. We learn that Nan's daughter was killed in a hit and run seven years before and since then Nan's marriage has disintegrated and her career has stalled. She's a creative writing professor who is unable to write. Her grief has left her psychologically paralysed and consumed by guilt. An intriguing mystery and several well developed characters will keep readers turning the pages in Goodman's first book with British publisher Titan. Ideal for fans of Liz Nugent or Elly Griffiths.
Thanks to Titan Books for a review copy.

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