Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November means Nanowrimo

National Novel Writing Month is a challenge which millions of people across the globe take part in every November, aiming to complete a first draft of a novel; 50,000 words,  in the 30 days of November. This means writing 1667 words everyday and not stopping to edit, revise or research. It's not for everyone. For one thing it requires a great deal of planning, not just of your ideas but perhaps more importantly of your time. It's all very well deciding to write nearly 2000 words every day but how do you actually fit it in to your day?
That has always been my biggest problem when November approaches each year. I have attempted Nanowrimo every year since 2010 but I've never achieved 50,000 words in the month. I know there are some writers for whom 50,000 would be more than achievable while to others it is never going to happen. I've spoken to writers who regularly churn out more than 2000 words a day comfortably and others for whom 500 is a productive day and I know that circumstances play a big part in this.I don't have a lot of spare time or willing/available babysitters so I know that while I may not achieve 50,000 words this month I would like to get back into the writing flow. I had established a habit of writing approx 750 words a day and I would certainly be happy with that. So let's see how it goes.

For inspiration here is an article about 8 best selling books that all began life as Nanowrimo projects

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