Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Writing competitions and Book News

This is a short post full of links to other things around the interwebs that may be of interest to writers and readers. 

First up can you believe that The Crow Road by Iain Banks is 25 years old? No neither can I.
Scottish Book Trust have collected a list of influential books that turn 25 this year and there are some absolute gems in there. Check out the list below.

Brain Pickings is a fantastic website for writers and readers and this recent interview with Jennifer Egan is full of fantastic advice 

If you are looking for submissions opportunities for short stories then there is £1000 up for grabs from Jane Austen 200 who are seeking stories of 2017 words or fewer inspired by the following quote from Mansfield Park 'Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure.' Find out more through the link below.

Finally Nephele Tempest is a literary agent with the Knight Agency in Los Angeles and her Writing and Rambling blog is one of the best I've found for the perfect mix of writing encouragement and books info. You can sign up to her newsletter and get a weekly roundup of links to competitions, lists and interesting articles and her comments are always witty and timely. Recent links have included insider tips on writing from a top editor, an article on why women are writing the best crime novels and a round up of Barack Obama's reading during his time in the White House. Nephele's website is a great shortcut to the best of what's out there each week in books and writing news so I highly recommend you sign up. Her most recent Friday post is below.

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