Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What you Don't Know Blog tour

Joann Chaney's debut novel is a dark and addictive literary thriller which looks at the aftermath of a serial killer and the impact on those who survived. Three people are forever linked by their connection to Jacky Seever a notorious serial killer who was arrested and sentenced to death 7 years earlier after 33 bodies were found buried under his house. There's Paul Hoskins one of the officers who arrested Seever and exposed him as a killer but Hoskins has never been able to get Seever out of his head and it's impacted every part of his life, his marriage is over, his father is loosing his memory and he's been kicked out of the homicide unit to work in the basement on the cold cases. Sammie Peterson reported on the case when Seever was arrested, her name was splashed all over the papers alongside his, but seven years later she can't get a story accepted and she's working at a make up counter at the mall wondering where it all went wrong. Gloria Seever should have known her husband better than anyone. People are still convinced that she knew and she has to deal with being shouted at in the grocery store and washing graffiti off her house but still she tells herself she knew nothing. And then people connected to Seever start to turn up dead; brutally murdered in a strikingly similar way to Seever's original victims. Is the killer a copycat? a partner? or one of those closest to him?

There are shades of Gillian Flynn in this scalpel sharp tale of the dark underbelly of Midwesten life and in the lies the characters tell themselves. Chaney looks deep into the heart of each character and poses the question are there really such things as good and evil or do we carry the possibility of both inside us? This is a disturbing and unsettling book. If you are ready for a psychological thriller than offers real and chilling psychological insight this is it.

For an interview with the author and some insight into her inspiration and her writing days Follow the link below to JaffaReadsToo which was yesterday's stop on the blog tour. I am excited to see what Joann does next.


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