Friday, March 10, 2017

The Little Theatre by the Sea by Rosanna Ley

Reading a new book by Rosanna Ley is like revisting old friends, because within minutes you feel warm, comfortable and completely relaxed. I'm not normally a fan of contemporary fiction but I make an exception for Rosanna Ley and to be fair she often includes references to the past in her books. In her latest novel The Little Theatre in question is a faded and dilapidated building full of charm and secrets. Faye having completed a degree in interior design but lost a boyfriend is wondering what to do with herself when she is contacted by old friend Charlotte. Charlotte and Faye had travelled through Italy and Sardinia in their twenties and Charlotte had settled in Sardinia and married Fabio a local hotelier. Charlotte invites Faye to come and house sit and to give some advise to her friends Marisa and Alessandro who have inherited the theatre and wish to restore it. 
Faye is rather taken with the idea, though she is quick to point out her lack of experience. Arriving in Sardinia, Faye is soon enchanted by the Little Theatre, the town and the local people not to mention the arrogant but very handsome Alessandro Rinaldi. However it soon becomes apparent that the theatre is in fact a source of discontent amongst the local people. Many are worried about an outsider being involved in the restoration, others are worried that the character will be lost. There is bad blood between the Rinaldis and the Volti family and in fact some even dispute the Rinaldi's ownership of the theatre. Faye is soon wondering what she has let herself in for. The narrative is also interspersed with the stories of Molly and Ade; Faye's parents who are navigating retirement and each other in beautiful West Dorset. 
A wonderful read full of the sights, sounds and experiences of the sultry island of Sardinia. Rosanna Ley is a delight. Perfect for fans of Dinah Jeffries and Victoria Hislop. 

Thanks so much to Imogen at Midas PR for a copy. 
Published by Quercus in hardback 9th March 2017.

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