Friday, April 28, 2017

Defy The Stars By Claudia Gray

This book came in the post one day last week and as I already had three other books on the go I had no intention of starting straight away but I opened it, read the first line and I was instantly hooked. The first line lets you know immediately that you are in the company of a master storyteller. 

'In three weeks, Noemi Vidal will die - here, in this very place.'

Obviously I wanted to know more and so I read on and on and finished the book later that day. However I didn't gobble it all in one sitting every so often I stopped just to savour the cleverness of the plot and the characters; oh my the characters. This book is a masterclass in creating wonderful, compelling, complex characters. 
Noemi is a soldier from the planet Genesis; settled many years before by colonists from Earth. Now however Earth and Genesis are at war. Earth seeks to exploit the resources of the other planets just as it destroyed it's own. Genesis has become a haven for people of faith and technology is limited while the people of Earth have pushed technology to it's very limits creating the ultimate robot warriors. When Noemi ends up on an abandoned spaceship she comes face to face with one of these mechs and although their initial response is to try and kill each other they somehow end up helping each other out. Soon they are facing a race against time to travel across the galaxy and try and save Noemi's home planet. On the way they make a variety of friends and enemies and as they learn more about the world they live in and each other they start to question everything they've been taught. 
Blending high stakes adventure with science fiction, romance and a thrilling plot this is a book that deserves to be huge. Fantastic storytelling. Wow. Claudia Gray just wow. Perfect for fans of  Star Wars, V. E. Schwab, Becky Chambers and Sarah J. Maas. Published by Hot Key and available on e-book and in paperback. The kindle edition is currently only 98p. Thanks a million to Tina at Hot Key who sent me a copy. Buy this book now you will not be disappointed. 

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