Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis is a powerful debut from a talented new writer. A blend of dystopia, western, mystery and a coming of age saga. Set in a post apocalyptic Canadian wilderness, this is the story of Elka an intriguing character with a powerful voice and a dark story to tell. Lost in the woods at the age of seven after losing her grandmother to a powerful storm she is found and taken in by a man she calls Trapper and occasionally Daddy. Over the next ten years she survives in the wild with this man; learning to shoot, hunt and kill. Finally she visits a nearby town and sees Trapper’s face on a wanted poster and realises that she has been raised by a murderer. Setting off through the wilderness and through the seasons Elka explores the new realities of North America in the shadow of a nuclear war. Life is held cheaply and people are desperate for food, money and gold.  Elka finds deception, betrayal, friendship and family and comes face to face not only with the darkness of the man she now knows as Kreager Hallet but with the darkness inside herself. A powerful coming of age tale with a number of strong and interesting female characters at its heart, this book has echoes of The Road and Station Eleven but while it deals with dark and often bleak events The Wolf Road has a powerful friendship at its core, giving it a greater sense of hope.
Thanks to Borough Press and LoveReading for a review copy.
Out now in paperback. 

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