Monday, May 8, 2017

Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession

Just when you think that there is nothing new to be said about the Tudors, along comes Alison Weir with her outstanding Six Tudor Queens series. The second of which is published in hardback this May, focusing on Anne Boleyn whom Alison has already examined in the biography Lady in the Tower. With this novel the reader not only gets Weir’s impeccable research but her insight as a novelist. So much of the bare facts of Anne Boleyn’s life are well known but Alison Weir offers us an emotional truth and a tantalising glimpse into Anne’s mind. Instead of the usual caricature of a cold and calculating schemer this portrait shows us a young woman powerless to resist the advances of a king. Forced to accept a situation not of her own making Anne determines to make the best of it and push for her own interests but unfortunately she makes powerful enemies on her path of power and the spirit that makes her so fascinating to read about also makes her a target for those with ambition in the Tudor court. Essential reading for fans of Anne O’Brien, Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Fremantle.

Published on May 18th by Headline Review. Thanks to the publisher and for a copy. 

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